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JAN 2013

1/05/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell Clean Slate Classic NSCA
1/05/13 Westside Sporting Houston Katy Prairie Open NSCA
1/05/13 Midland Shooters Midland Start the New Year Right NSCA
1/0513 Greater Houston Houston Brad Kidd Lessons Lessons
1/06/13 Caney Creek Teague New Year Blast NSCA
1/06/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Winter Warm Up NSCA
1/12/13 1 in 100
cancelled due to flooding
Beaumont Sub Zero Clays ; forum post NSCA
1/12/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville Cold Hard Clays NSCA
1/12/13 Rock Creek Clays Beaumont Ranch Neither Rain, Sleet, Nor Cold NSCA
1/12/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio January Open NSCA
1/13/13 Clay Mound Liberty Here We Go Again NSCA
1/13/13 Windwalker Midland The Cold One NSCA
1/19/13 Lone Star Glen Rose Crazy Manias ; afterwords NSCA
1/19/13 Gun Emporium Conroe Winter Clays NSCA
1/19/13 Four Oaks Shooting Sports Leona
Heroes For Holden Fundraiser ; forum post UNREG
1/20/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Winter Opening NSCA
1/26/13 Clay Mound Liberty Crosby 4-H Shoot UNREG
1/27/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene Winter Blast NSCA
1/27/13 Capitol City Austin Promatic Open ; afterwords NSCA
1/27/13 Rio Brazos Simonton PreSeason Clays NSCA

FEB 2013

2/02/13 Caney Creek Teague Guns & Roses ; afterwords NSCA
2/02/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell The Hunt For Phil Shoot NSCA
2/02/13 Westside Sporting Houston Ground Hog Day NSCA
2/03/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Super Bowl Shoot NSCA
2/03/13 Hill Country Kerrville Burr Open NSCA
National Shooting Complex San Antonio S.A.L.E. Junior Shoot Out forum post UNREG
2/09/13 Greater Houston Houston Briley Sub Ga Club Championships NSCA
2/09/13 Rock Creek Clays Beaumont Ranch Cowtown Classic NSCA
2/09/13 Rose City Tyler Guns & Roses & Ribs NSCA
2/09/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio February Open NSCA
2/09/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Shoot for the Children UNREG
2/09/13 Clay Mound Liberty Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Fundraiser UNREG
2/10/13 Elm Fork Dallas Winter Classic NSCA
2/10/13 Capitol City Austin Red Apple Open NSCA
2/10/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Tom's Birthday NSCA
2/10/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville cancelled NSCA
National Shooting Complex San Antonio Spring League NSCA
1 in 100 Beaumont T.R.A.P.S. Target Setting Course CLINIC
American Shooting Ctr Houston Level I Instructor Class CLINIC
2/16/13 Lone Star Glen Rose Lone Star Special NSCA
2/16/13 Clay Mound Liberty Frosty Clays NSCA
2/16/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene Mardi Gras Madness NSCA
2/16/13 So. TX Shooting Complex Laredo 6th Annual Jalapeno Open
(pix & scores)
2/16/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville Madison Co. 4-H Club UNREG
2/17/13 1 in 100 Beaumont 1 in 100 Blast ; afterwords NSCA
2/17/13 Four Oaks Madisonville Spring Training ; afterwords NSCA
2/17/13 Windwalker Midland Broken Heart Open NSCA
2/17/13 Mission Skeet & Trap   The Frosty Open NSCA
Rio Brazos Simonton Browning Briley ; afterwords NSCA
2/23/13 Pines Sporting Lufkin COC Angelina Beautiful Clean UNREG
2/24/13 Midland Shooters  Midland Cold Clays NSCA
2/25/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Shooting Clinic CLINIC

MAR 2013

3/02/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell Shoot For the Green NSCA
3/02/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio March Open NSCA
Clay Mound Liberty Clay Mound Classic NSCA
3/02/13 Greater Houston Houston The Fine Art of Shooting UNREG
3/03/13 Hill Country Kerrville March Madness NSCA
3/07/13 Windwalker Midland Reel Thankx 5th Annual UNREG
American Shooting Ctr Houston Mike McAlpine Target Reading Seminar INFO CLINIC
3/09/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville Cheddite Classic ; after words NSCA
3/09/13 Rough Creek Glen Rose March Shoot NSCA
3/09/13 Windwalker Midland March Madness NSCA
3/10/13 Caney Creek Teague Go Green NSCA
3/10/13 Gun Emporium Conroe Spring Fling NSCA
3/10/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene Leprechaun Open NSCA
3/15/13-3/17/13 Greater Houston Houston Diamond Classic ; afterwords NSCA
3/16/13 Lone Star Glen Rose Spring A Comin' ; afterwords NSCA
3/16/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio Veterans/Kill n Clays NSCA
3/16/13 1 in 100  Beaumont 3 Bird UNREG
3/16/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio TPVA Kill'n Clays Classic UNREG
3/17/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Big Windy NSCA
3/17/13 Lone Star Glen Rose Travis Mears Clinic CLINIC
3/17/13 Westside Houston Lady Clay Shooters Spring Clinic CLINIC
3/22/13 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Homes For Our Troops UNREG
Abilene Clay Sports Abilene 11th Annual Rehab Top Gun Classic UNREG
3/23/13 Pines Sporting Lufkin Rooter Open afterwords NSCA
3/23/13 Grand Prairie Gun Club Grand Prairie FITASC #1 afterwords NSCA
3/23/13 So. TX Shooting Complex Laredo United Day School Fundraiser NSCA
3/23/13 1 in 100  Beaumont LIT Shootout UNREG
3/23/13 Westside Houston Warrior Benefit UNREG
3/23/13 Windwalker Midland Stanton Project Grad. UNREG
3/23/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Bright Light Foundation UNREG
3/23/13 Clay Mound Liberty Dayton Chamber Benefit UNREG
3/24/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Texas State Warm Up NSCA
3/24/13 Capitol City Austin McBride Open NSCA
3/24/13 Elm Fork Dallas Competitive Edge NSCA
3/24/13 Midland Shooter Midland March Shoot NSCA
3/29/13 Caney Creek Teague Shooting Eggs ; INFO ; forum post NSCA
3/29/13 1 in 100 Beaumont Good Friday Shoot afterwords NSCA
Clay Mound Liberty Huffman Good Friday Shoot INFO UNREG
3/30/13 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Spring Classic ; INFO NSCA
3/30/13 Gunsmoke Snook Rabbit Shoot afterwords NSCA
3/30/13 NW TX Field & Stream Wichita Falls SW Rotary Annual Shoot INFO UNREG

APR 2013

4/03/13 Westside Houston Shooting For Freedom UNREG
Rio Brazos Simonton Texas State Championships ; INFO; afterwords NSCA
Texas Trails Council, BSA Camp Tonkawa
Tuscola 14th Annual Classic UNREG
4/06/13 So. TX Shooting Complex Laredo United Way Shoot & Cook Off UNREG
4/13/13 Pines Sporting Lufkin Pines Open NSCA
4/13/13 Nat.Shooting Complex San Antonio April Open NSCA
4/13/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Spring Open NSCA
4/13/13 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Frost Sporting Clays UNREG
4/13/13 American Shooting Houston Shoot Out For a Cure UNREG
4/13/13 Jakes Clays Midland Junior League UNREG
4/13/13 Clay Mound Liberty Take Aim at Cancer  UNREG
4/13/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene Irby Electric Shoot UNREG
4/14/13 American Shooting Houston World Warm Up NSCA
4/14/13 Windwalker Midland Spring Into Clays NSCA
4/14/13 Dow Trap & Skeet Club Seadrift Super Sporting Shoot UNREG
4/19/13 TX Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch Buda Operation Game Thief UNREG
4/19/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Clays On the Brazos UNREG
4/20/13 Lone Star Glen Rose Bluebonnet Open ; afterwords NSCA
4/20/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville Bearkat Open ; afterwords NSCA
4/20/13 Amarillo Gun Club Amarillo Sporting Clays Club Fundraiser UNREG
4/20/13 So. TX Shooting Complex Laredo 5th Annual Shoot for the Stars NSCA
4/20/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Ladies Shoot UNREG
4/21/13 Capitol City cancelled Austin South X Southwest NSCA
4/21/13 Four Oaks cancelled Madisonville Texas 2 Step NSCA
4/21/13 Clay Mound Liberty The Swamp Thing NSCA
4/21/13 Midland Shooter Midland April Shoot NSCA
4/26/13 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Shooting For the Stars UNREG
National Shooting Complex San Antonio World English Sporting NSCA
4/27/13 Westside Houston Lady Clay Shooters, Inc. Charity & Couples Fun Shoot UNREG
4/27/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Pair in the Air UNREG
4/27/13 Windwalker Midland Greenwood Project Graduation UNREG
4/27/13 Geronimo Creek Ranch Yancey Pulling For Kids UNREG
4/27/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville
Skoot & Shoot
4/27/13 Caney Creek Teague Cen-Tex Oilman NSCA
4/28/13 Rough Creek Glen Rose April Shoot NSCA
4/28/13 Abilene Clay Sports cancelled Abilene Spring Fling NSCA

MAY 2013

5/03/13 Beaumont Ranch Grandview 100 Shots for the Club UNREG
Rio Brazos Simonton Operation Lock N Load UNREG
5/04/13 Pines Sporting Lufkin Masonic Scholarship Shoot NSCA
5/04/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio API (Closed Event) NSCA
5/04/13 So. TX Shooting Complex cancelled Laredo Cinco de Mayo Shoot NSCA
5/04/13 Clay Mound Liberty Liberty Masonic Lodge UNREG
5/04/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene Ben Richey Boys Charity Ranch UNREG
5/04/13 Fairway Farms E. Augustine San Augustine Lions UNREG
Fossil Pointe Slidell Wildflower Blast NSCA
5/05/13 Caney Creek Teague Angry Birds ; afterwords NSCA
5/05/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Cinco de Mayo NSCA
5/05/13 Windwalker Midland May Day Clays NSCA
5/05/13 Mission Skeet & Trap Club Mission The Jalapeno Open NSCA
5/05/13 Hill Country Kerrville May Day NSCA
Elm Fork Dallas OSP Clinics CLINIC
5/11/13 Gunsmoke
postponed due to rain
Snook US Open Warmup NSCA
5/11/13 Clay Mound Liberty May Flyers NSCA
5/11/13 Tonkaway Ranch College Station Bustin' for Brothers UNREG
5/11/13 Windwalker Midland Midland Co. 4-H UNREG
5/11/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell YTF Shoot for the Future UNREG
5/11/13 6S Ranch Lindale Oilmans Invitational UNREG
Dallas Gun Club Dallas OSP Clinics CLINIC
Rock Creek Clays cancelled Beaumont Ranch   NSCA
5/17/13 Windwalker Midland

Purple Heart Shoot

5/17/13 Capitol City Austin

Shoot Out Hunger

Cactus Gun Club Amarillo Shoot Out MS UNREG
5/18/13 Gun Emporium Conroe 2013 Championship NSCA
5/18/13 Lone Star Glen Rose Summer's A Comin' ; afterwords NSCA
5/18/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo San Angelo Shotgun Shoot Out UNREG
5/18/13 Stonewall VFD Stonewall Stonewall VFD Shoot UNREG
5/19/13 Midland Shooter Midland May Clays NSCA
5/19/13 Capitol City Austin Emerald Open; afterwords NSCA
1 in 100 Beaumont Beaumont Blast; afterwords NSCA
Caney Creek Teague Andy Duffy Lessons LESSONS
5/25/13 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Registered Shoot NSCA
5/25/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville 1st Annual Bornaghi Blast; afterwords NSCA
5/25/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio TX Shotgun Sports Alumni-UT Austin INFO; Postponed UNREG
5/25/13 Gunsmoke Snook Firemens Fundraiser UNREG
5/26/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Blue Goose + Sm. Ga. NSCA
5/26/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo The Shoot After NSCA
5/26/13 Elm Fork Dallas Beretta Blast NSCA
5/27/13 Elm Fork Dallas Memorial Day Classic NSCA
5/30/13 Greater Houston Houston Shoot For the Troops INFO UNREG
Westside Sporting Houston Bob Brister Memorial; afterwords NSCA

JUN 2013

6/01/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell That One Shoot NSCA
6/01/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Meals For the Elderly NSCA
6/01/13 1 in 100  Beaumont 100 Bird


6/01/13 6S Ranch Lindale East TX Red Sox Shoot UNREG
6/02/13 Midland Shooter Midland June's Speeders NSCA
National Shooting Complex San Antonio Summer League NSCA


Greater Houston Houston Neighbors In Action UNREG
6/08/13 Gunsmoke Snook Almost Hot ; afterwords


6/08/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio June Open


6/08/13 Greystone Castle Mingus Meals On Wheels UNREG
6/08/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Jackie Sherrill's 1st Annual UNREG
6/08/13 Dotson Prairie Shooting Range Strawn Strawn Booster Club UNREG
6/09/13 Hill Country Kerrville Summer Fling NSCA
6/14/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston DU Lone Star Flyway UNREG
6/14/13 28777 Double Culvert Road Hempstead Hudson Folkerts Memorial UNREG
6/15/13 Caney Creek Teague Candy Land ; afterwords NSCA
6/15/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Father, Sons & Daughters Clays NSCA
6/15/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio TX SCTP State Championship


6/15/13 Alpine Shooting Range Ft. Worth Ft Worth DU Camo Shoot UNREG
6/15/13 Westside Houston Tomball Masonic Lodge/ K9s4Cops UNREG
6/16/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Dad's Blast NSCA
6/16/13 Elm Fork Dallas Father's Day Classic NSCA
6/16/13 Windwalker Midland Fabulous Father's Day NSCA
6/16/13 Caney Creek Teague Brad Kidd Lessons LESSONS
Westside Sporting Houston Kruse Classic UNREG
6/22/13 1 in 100 Beaumont Smoking Barrels ; afterwords NSCA
6/22/13 Cactus Gun Club Amarillo 1st Annual Panhandle Shoot NSCA
6/22/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio Scholarships for Marines & Families UNREG
6/23/13 Capitol City Austin Dickey Loy Memorial ; afterwords NSCA
6/23/13 Clay Mound Liberty Summer Shootout NSCA
6/23/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Dog Day Destroyer NSCA
6/29/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio Boy Scouts Shoot canceled NSCA
Abilene Clay Sports Abilene Firecracker 400 NSCA

JUL 2013

7/04/13 Windwalker Midland Summer Blast [Tex-Mex 500] NSCA
7/06/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell Red, White & Blast NSCA
7/06/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville Bustin Hot Clays ; afterwords NSCA
7/06/13 1 in 100  Beaumont 50/50 UNREG
7/07/13 Caney Creek Teague Stars & Stripes NSCA
7/07/13 Midland Shooter Midland Freedom Clays NSCA
7/07/13 Hill Country Kerrville Patriot Games NSCA
7/12/13 Windwalker Midland S.H.A.R.E. UNREG
7/13/13 Gunsmoke Snook Gunsmoke Open NSCA
7/13/13 Clay Mound Liberty Hot Clays NSCA
7/14/13 Capitol City Austin Hotter-n-Hell Shoot; afterwords NSCA
7/14/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Clays of Summer NSCA
7/20/13 Westside Sporting Houston Pope - Bentson; afterwords NSCA
7/20/13 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Red Hot Open NSCA
7/20/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio Clayfest NSCA
7/20/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene ACS Challenge Shoot & BBQ UNREG
7/21/13 Elm Fork Dallas Henderson Memorial; afterwords NSCA
7/21/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Hot Tamale NSCA
7/27/13 Rose City Tyler Ironman Challenge; afterwords NSCA
7/27/13 Gun Emporium Conroe Registered Shoot; NSCA
7/28/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Dog Day Destroyer NSCA
7/28/13 Clay Mound Liberty The Clay Mound ClayAthalon NSCA

AUG 2013 

8/01/13 Alpine Shooting Range Fort Worth Greater Fort Worth Blds Assoc  Challenge INFO  UNREG
8/02/13 Windwalker Midland Larry Ratheal 4-H INFO  UNREG
8/02/13 Circle B Ranch Burleigh Bellville FFA Alumni INFO  UNREG
8/03/13 1 in 100 Beaumont On Fire Targets; afterwords NSCA
8/03/13 So. TX Shooting Complex Laredo Voz de Ninos UNREG
8/03/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio TX Shotgun Sports Alumni Shoot UNREG
8/04/13 Midland Shooter Midland Wild Clays NSCA
8/04/13 Caney Creek Teague Safari Shoot NSCA
8/04/13 Hill Country Kerrville Dog Days NSCA
8/09/13 Windwalker Midland Dottie Hill Cancer Shoot INFO UNREG
8/10/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell Briley Points Race INFO; forum post NSCA
8/10/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Gulf Coast Championship; afterwords NSCA
8/10/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Fun Shoot UNREG
8/10/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene HBA for Habitat for Humanity UNREG
San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Claybird Cup NSCA
8/16/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio Boot n Shoots NSCA
8/16/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Houston Area Clay Stoppers Shootout UNREG
8/17/13 Gunsmoke Snook Hotter Than Hell NSCA
8/17/13 Clay Mound Liberty Southern Discomfort NSCA
8/17/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Sertoma Club Shoot UNREG
8/17/13 Camp Tonkawa Buffalo Gap Bryce Kennedy Memorial UNREG
8/17/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell Alive Day/Defenders of Freedom Benefit UNREG
8/17/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Shriner's Shootout UNREG
8/17/13 So Texas Shooting Complex Laredo Jim Hogg County UNREG
8/17/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Sertoma Shoot 66 UNREG
8/17/13 Alpine Shooting Range Ft. Worth Call of the Wild UNREG
8/17/13 River Ridge Ranch Goodrich 14th Brian Perry Memorial Shoot UNREG
8/18/13 Windwalker Midland Blazin' Targets NSCA
8/18/13 Greater Houston Houston Grand Prix NSCA
8/23/13 Dos Amigos Abernathy Clays For Kids UNREG
8/23/13 Gun Emporium Conroe Tomball H.S. Shoot UNREG
8/24/13 Westside Sporting Houston Margaritaville NSCA
8/24/13 Elm Fork Dallas TX Scottish Rite Hospital for Children UNREG
8/24/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene Meals on Wheels UNREG
8/24/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio Pulling For Kids UNREG
8/24/13 Clay Mound Liberty HLSR Go Texan Shoot UNREG
8/24/13 Windwalker Midland Aaron Bunch Benefit Shoot UNREG
8/25/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Dove Warm Up NSCA
8/25/13 Boswell-Porter 4-H Range Snook Texas A&M Trap & Skeet Fundraiser  INFO UNREG
8/25/13 6S Ranch Lindale Ducks Unlimited INFO UNREG
8/31/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville Dan Carlisle Challenge afterwords NSCA
8/31/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio NACE Scholarship Fundraiser INFO UNREG
8/31/13 Llano Co.Clay Busters Llano Kyle Hohmann Memorial Scholarship Shoot forum post UNREG

SEP 2013 

9/07/13 Caney Creek Teague Fiesta Shoot ; afterwords NSCA
9/07/13 Baroid on the Brazos Fulshear Shoot for Michelle afterwords UNREG
9/07/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Guns and Hoses Benevolent Fund UNREG
9/07/13 Clay Mound Liberty CASA UNREG
9/08/13 Midland Shooter Midland Fast Flying Clay Doves NSCA
9/08/13 Hill Country Kerrville Dog Gays NSCA
9/12/13 Gun Emporium Conroe Montgomery Co Food Bank "Shoot Out" UNREG
9/14/13 Gunsmoke Snook Lee Scott Challenge NSCA
9/14/13 Rose City Tyler Clay Busters 2013 NSCA
9/14/13 Lone Star Glen Rose Fall's A Comin'; afterwords NSCA
9/14/13 Clay Mound Liberty Gator Bait NSCA
9/14/13 So. TX Shooting Complex Laredo 16 de Septiembre & Club Championship Shoot NSCA
9/14/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Shootin For a Miracle UNREG
9/14/13 Caney Creek Teague Benefit Shoot UNREG
9/14/13 Dos Amigos Abernathy ASCO Benefit Shoot UNREG
9/15/13 Windwalker Midland Fall Classic NSCA
9/15/13 Capitol City Austin Bill Hughes Open NSCA
9/15/13 Elm Fork Dallas Dove Classic NSCA
9/15/13 Gun Emporium Conroe 2013 Fall Championship NSCA
9/15/13 Mission Skeet & Trap Mission The Enchilada Open NSCA


Caney Creek Teague Dan Carlisle Lessons CLINIC


Westside Houston FFA Fundrasier Shoot UNREG


Alpine Shooting Range Ft Worth Jon Henderson Memorial UNREG


Caney Creek Teague Dan Carlisle Lessons  CLINIC
9/21/13 Pines Sporting Lufkin 21st Rooter Revenge; afterwords NSCA
9/21/13 Creekwood Conroe cancelled NSCA
9/21/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene Falls A' Comin' NSCA
9/21/13 Lone Star Glen Rose Aiming for Friendship 4-H INFO UNREG


Caney Creek Teague Dan Carlisle Lessons  CLINIC
9/21/13 Baroid on the Brazos Fulshear Hunter's Hope Foundation UNREG
9/21/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Break a Clay for MDA   UNREG
9/21/13 Clay Mound Liberty Crosby Young Farmers UNREG
9/21/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell Irby Just Shoot It UNREG
9/21/13 Ellis Co. Sportman's Club Waxahachie Sporting Clays Shoot UNREG
9/22/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Hunters Clays NSCA
9/22/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Back to School Blues NSCA


Caney Creek Teague Dan Carlisle Lessons CLINIC
9/26/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston West Delta 32 Fundraiser UNREG
9/26/13 Windwalker Midland Midland High Baseball Benefit UNREG


Westside Houston Pink Pigeons UNREG
9/28/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell Club Championships NSCA
9/28/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville Harvest Some Clays afterwords NSCA
9/28/13 Dos Amigos Abernathy Fall into Clays NSCA
9/28/13 1 in 100  Beaumont Fun Shoot UNREG
9/28/13 Clay Mound Liberty VFW Sporting Clays UNREG
9/28/13 Camp Post Post Caprock Classic UNREG
9/29/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Get Ready For Nationals NSCA


Caney Creek Teague September Shoot NSCA

OCT 2013


10/03/13 Elm Fork Dallas Targets for Christ INFO forum post UNREG
10/05/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio Last Chance Sporting NSCA
10/05/13 Dallas Gun Club Dallas 11th Hour Warmup NSCA
10/05/13 Gunsmoke Snook Briley Sub Gauge Classic NSCA
10/05/13 1 in 100  Beaumont FITASC Clinic and/or Practice CLINIC & PRACTICE
Windwalker Midland Black Gold Classic NSCA
10/05/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston K9 Shooting Fundraiser INFO UNREG
10/06/13 Elm Fork Dallas Elm Fork Championship NSCA
10/06/13 Greater Houston Houston Fall Classic NSCA
10/11/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio Alamo Area Fundraiser INFO UNREG
10/11/13 Fossil Pointe Slidell Justin Napier Benefit Shoot INFO UNREG
10/12/13 Able's Sporting Clays Huntsville Shoot For the Hooters afterwords NSCA
10/12/13 Lone Star Glen Rose Harvest Moon Open INFO forum post NSCA
10/12/13 San Angelo San Angelo TX Scottish Rite Hospital for Children INFO UNREG
10/12/13 Pagan's Sand Pit Cleveland Friends of Splendora AG UNREG
10/12/13 Rose City Tyler Great Texas Shootout INFO UNREG
10/12/13 Elm Fork Dallas 1st Annual TSRA Breaking Clays INFO UNREG
10/12/13 Alpine Shooting Range Ft Worth OFC Shots of Hope INFO UNREG
10/12/13 Clay Mound Liberty Bridgehaven Children's Advocacy Center INFO UNREG
10/13/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene Halloween Spook Shoot NSCA
10/13/13 Hill Country Kerrville Nationals Warmup cancelled NSCA
10/13/13 Baroid on the Brazos Fulshear Heroes for Holden INFO forum post UNREG
10/18/13 Jakes Clays Midland Saving True Pairs INFO UNREG
10/19/13 Clay Mound Liberty Road to Nationals INFO forum post NSCA
10/19/13 Dos Amigos Abernathy Last Chance NSCA
10/19/13 So. TX Shooting Complex Laredo Shoot N' Cook INFO NSCA
10/19/13 Grand Prairie Grand Prairie FITASC #2 NSCA
10/19/13 Abilene Clay Sports Abilene West Texas Leadman Challenge INFO forum post UNREG
10/19/13 Windwalker Midland FFA UNREG
10/19/13 Ellis Co. Sportsman's Club Waxahachie Red Oak Lions Club Shoot UNREG
10/20/13 Capitol City Austin Bob White Open cancelled forum post NSCA
10/20/13 Rio Brazos Simonton 7th Annual Rio Ammo Nationals Warmup NSCA
National Shooting Complex San Antonio Nationals  NSCA
10/25/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Red Fish Shootout INFO UNREG

NOV 2013

1 in 100 Beaumont NSCA Level I Certification CLINIC
11/02/13 Jakes Clays Midland Dixie Doll Sugar Shoot UNREG
11/03/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston Time For a Change afterwords NSCA
11/08/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Pin Oak Iron Horse UNREG
11/09/13 1 in 100 Beaumont The Gobbler afterwords NSCA
11/10/13 Windwalker Midland Bustin' Pumpkins NSCA
11/15/13 1 in 100 Beaumont Break a Clay For MDA UNREG
11/16/13 Westside Sporting Houston Thanksgiving Shoot NSCA
11/16/13 Caney Creek Teague November Shoot NSCA
11/16/13 National Shooting Complex San Antonio Sky High for St. Jude UNREG
11/16/13 Lozano Shooting Range Linn Pan Am Classic UNREG
11/16/13 Windwalker Midland Midland H.S. ROTC Shoot UNREG
11/16/13 1 in 100 Beaumont Hope Clinic Fundraiser UNREG
11/16/13 Ellis Co. Sportsmans Club Waxahachie 3rd Sat. Sporting UNREG
11/17/13 Clay Mound Liberty Pilgrims Revenge NSCA
11/17/13 San Angelo Claybird San Angelo Blunderbust NSCA
11/24/13 Rio Brazos Simonton Shop N' Shoot afterwords NSCA
11/23/13 Dos Amigos Abernathy Thanks for Clays cancelled NSCA

DEC 2013

12/01/13 American Shooting Ctr Houston No More Turkey NSCA
12/01/13 Capitol City Austin Givem' The Bird NSCA
12/02/13 Greater Houston Houston Sight into Sound UNREG
Rio Brazos Simonton Oilfield Apprec